Rock Hill man, jailed on drug charges, is facing more trouble after police say he rolled a joint using pages of a Bible and smoked pot in his jail cell.

LOL I mean shit. I read that & automatically thought it was funny that this…. weird looking “man” is as stupid as he looks and got caught mid hit of the bowl by the guards.. but oh no. I wish he was only that stupid…Man jailed on drug charges, rolls joint from Bible pages in jail cell

24-year-old David Allen Henson was slapped with charges after police found a marijuana roach in his jail cell on Monday.

this rude motherfucker.. smoked his ever so Holy Joint.. which probably tasted ever so heavenly ():D and while he’s in jail with almost no rights, privacy, surrounded by criminals who want what he has. He decides to get greedy and saved the roach for later.
Which brings me to this conclusion…

Where the FUCK were the fucking guards? I mean I know weed smell. That shit will stink up a 2 story building. I know that because I’ve fucking damn been there. So yeah, where were these guards? And what, are they surrounded by weed smoke SOOOOO much that they can’t smell the difference? And also, I’m sorry, why does a dude in jail just get to smoke weed in his cell?
I’m free as out of jail as can be and I can’t smoke the shit in my own home without fear of losing my Administrative Assistant job that would bring sooo much hazard if I smoked a joint yesterday.. I mean why do I feel like these criminals have it so good?

No real job, free breakfast, lunch, dinner, cable, books. Free of bills, calls from telemarketers, long boring ass commutes to work. Um the ones with outside significant others don’t fucking have to deal with them when they’re on their periods or fucking w/e weird shit men go through once a month. Just through beautiful letters (probably filled with misspellings & horrid grammar) and seldom visits every other weekend. I mean if I had a child but had I’d probably have to change its diapers really soon. But if I was in jail, hell the fuck no I wouldn’t..

Shit, no wonder so many motherfuckers love that place. It’s like heaven, except at any given moment a guard might ask you to strip, crouch and cough. And you can’t say no…
Me, who isn’t in prison gets asked that by a cop, I can not only say no but sue for weird and gross harassment. So that is the difference between people in jail and not in jail.

Oh shit,another awesome difference, we, the (“lucky?”) people NOT in jail, get to motherfucking have awesome blogs on awesome blogging sites, so boo the fuck YAAAHHHHHHHH! (i do sadly miss Dean LOL) 🙂


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