So there’s this article from WSVN in floriduh.. And here’s a tiny tid bit…

According to opponents, the increased scrutiny will lead to unfair detention and deportation of innocent immigrants. “This is not the way that we need to do immigration reform,” said Susana Barciela, policy director of the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center

Um yeah, INNOCENT? If you are an illegal immigrant, whether or not you’ve killed someone means nothing. You are illegal by default because in a way, you are trespassing. And last time I checked, that was reason enough to label someone a “criminal.”

It’s a super hot fucking day and you decide to go to the pool. But you haven’t a pool. Then you remember that your dick of an asshole neighbor does. So you find one of their most comfy lawn chairs and decide to soak up some sun in between dives into the pool.
Then your dick of a neighbor decides to come home early from work. Only to find you wet, glistening and totally sexified in their pool. And because your neighbor’s a dick of an asshole, he calls the cops. And you end up going to jail b/c you kinda sorta found that they left their backdoor open and you welcomed yourself in their home, to their kitchen, fridge and beer. But you didn’t steal anything (minus the beer but it’s not like you can give it back yet. Not till you have to pee anyway), nor did you stop to stare at your neighbor’s naked sleeping 17 y/o daughter for more than 8 secs. (Sure you might have snapped a pic or 2, but they don’t know that at all).
But you still trespassed onto someone’s property and that’s reason enough to land you in jail for at least a night.

I mean think about it, this is just ONE house. Imagine some cunt of an asshole trespassing into a WHOLE country?? See where it might come off as a little criminal-ish???
So Susana Barcuntella, you are fucking wrong wrong wrong, not to mention a little retarded.

And seriously, what the fuck is the purpose of the floriduh immigrant advocacy ctr? I mean you have the DCF letting babies die in the hands of pussy assholes who should have been killed by God on their born day. You got judges/ politicians in this state who only gives a shit about decisions that make them richer.
No one cared to fix those problems when they started. But illegal dipshit immigrants who pay NO taxes have people looking out of for them???
Yeah that totally makes soo much sense my fucking head is spinning.

As a black person myself, from Haiti. I think I’m allowed to say something to the people up in arms about this, FUCK YOU. All you dumb blacks and spanish tards. If you are here LEGALLY, as is the fucking law, a bill like this one, wouldn’t be around or you wouldn’t really be affected.
If you are here illegally, don’t do dumb ass stupid shit that will bring attention to you. Or save yourself the embarrassment and pack up your dirty shits and go back to where you came.

Here’s the article