Now we all know that 8 year olds don’t have boobs & if they do, then fucking goddamn gross!
I mean I looove boobies. I have two, play with them god fucking knows how much (I kinda sorta use them as stress balls:) ) but honestly the last visual I need are 8 year olds with tits.
I’ve seen them at the mall & places. And all I’ve ever done is pretend that they belong to a hot 22 year old lady with boobies that are 8 years old. (that’s soo not wrong btw)

I know that makes NO sense but in my mind, it does. Cause I’d much rather go to sleep at night dreaming of motor boating some chick with boobs that are 8 years old, than an 8 year old with tits..
What’s the difference?
Well, one has immature boobies (8 y/o) and the other has boobies that are 8 years old & everyday they grow fonder, bigger and wiser. ๐Ÿ™‚
Yeah I know, still weird but what’s fucking weirder is this…

Included in the current spring line for Abercrombie Kids (a division of the fashion company specifically dedicated to 8-14 year olds) is the โ€œAshleyโ€ Push-Up Triangle โ€“ a triangular-shaped bikini top which comes complete with thick padding for breast enhancement.

I feel that I should press this matter, it is really fucking gross thinking of 8 years old with boobs, now thinking of 8 year olds with fake boobs is just more wrong and totally pedo-like. (Trust me, ask anyone who finds child porn gross & they’ll agree with me).

All I have to say is that I’m soo not mad at A&F (I’m not sure if people describe it that way but its easier than typing out the whole fucking thing).
I’m really not mad at them. As a matter of fact, I’m fucking MAD jealous that I didn’t think of this shit first.

Seriously, for someone who loves boobies as much as I do, it makes no sense that I didn’t think to give boobies to people way too fucking young to have them..

Who I am mad at are whatever skank dumbass loser mom who would pay for this shit!
If you hate your kid enough to buy this, send them out in the world to get vaginal/ anal raped then that is YOUR problem. (Mind you, I haven’t a child nor would I, or my boyfriend / future hubby (maybe ๐Ÿ™‚ buy this).

I mean Kevin Smith ( yeah the guy who made Clerks, Clerks 2, Jay & Silent Bob & the smodcast network ;)) he has a daughter, what, probably 11-12. Same age group that this is targeting, I’m sure he nor his wife would even think once of spending a dime on this filth.
Now maybe if you’re Michael Lohan, you might spend a few bucks on a couple of these. But come on, how many Michael Lohans do you know?
Oh one? yeah exactly.

I’m not endorsing this rape of weird 8 year olds with weird fake boobs BUT like I said, if a careless, irresponsible mother wants to send their babies out in the world to get eye fucked by non other than pedophiles, then who am I or A&F to stop them?

*Be smart, well if you are smart you’ll spend no time reading this or buying this SHIT. If you have bought it or are thinking of buying then you, as “parent” should fucking die & leave your kid to child services cause they would obviously do a better job with this kid cause they wouldn’t spend a blink of an eye on this shitty, pedo product.

And think about it, if no one buys this, then A&F will pull this shitty dumbass product off their shelf so fast, you or I will have no time to blink..

read all about it… “>here