OMG, you’re such a Drippy Shitty Asshole!!!!

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I know those are weird fucking words to use to describe a “person” but this piece of soft served turd is EXACTLY THAT!!!

A man accused of beating his 11-year-old stepdaughter with a beer can….. According to an arrest affidavit, Eugene Bell, 34, not only hit the girl on the top of her head with a beer can, but kicked her several times in the stomach and the left leg when she fell to the floor.

Yeah, someone the fuck did that. In his shitty defense, he was fighting with her mother when she ran away like a little bitch to call the cops. I guess somebody doesn’t have tiger blood!!!!
Oh I bet you want to see his dirty.. no wait, that’s not a reasonable word to use. Maybe if I had white face but I do not. So yes.
Nicest way to describe his face.. umm well snake-like, too much butter, disgusting, should have been aborted anytime between 3 & 7 years old and well he’s pretty fucking goddamn ugly as a butt hole..


Yeah, exactly. So don’t judge me and my awesome judgmental words because if you can describe THAT face in 5 nicer words (& they better be gooood), knowing the history behind it, I will fucking play with your fancy parts for 7 full frontal minutes.*
No joke!!!!

A little more words from the story…

According to the affidavit, Bell started arguing with the girl and then hit her on the head with the beer can. He then hit the girl with a gallon of milk and knocked her down,…. The girl then grabbed a cordless phone,… but that Bell kicked her hand and broke her knuckles.

LOL what a fucking winner uuh? Don’t you just not envy the ghetto piece of smelly trash that got wooed by this bottom of an outhouse dude? What a fucking book reader she must have been in college, ehh am I right??? 😀
Also, how much food stamps do these assholes have to be wasting milk and drinking beer?? What the fuck Americuh!

Anyways, story can be found here.

Real quick though, can you just imagine how fucking gangster and bad ASS he must have felt afterwards. I would’ve loved to have been the fly in the room during that police interrogation. I can see it now…

Bell: Oh you should have been there I’ve never in my whole life given a beating that good. I feel like Mohammad fucking Ali right now. *does air punches*
(Detectives look at each other in awkward confusion.)
Bell: Whew, I’m beat though. I think I may have sprained my ankle.. Oh do you guys think I can get a glass of water? Maybe some smokes??
Detective with 10 year-old daughter: FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! *gets up from his gov’t issued uncomfortable metal chair, beats him with it but only 4 times though and proceeds to shove his clipboard up Bell’s drippy shitty asshole*

Uh huh, that’s exactly what the fuck happened!!!!

*Disclaimer: I was serious about playing with your fancy parts but you’re going to have to ship or drive that shit to florida cause my money tree just died cause I totally fucking forgot to water it 😦


ass is not to boobs as wetback is not to..

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So what am I niggling about now??
Well apparently some bar owner in Georgia decided to put up this billboard..

& off course, spanish people are all up in hell about it.. Oh the censored word is wetback if you REALLY needed to be told..

Leaders of the Hispanic community called the sign racist and said it encourages racism.
Mike Norman owns the bar and he said he does not think it’s racist. “No, absolutely not. I am just telling it like it really is,” said Norman.
Jerry Gonzalez is an activist in the Hispanic community. “It’s racist. It’s pejorative. It’s demeaning. It’s dehumanizing,” said Gonzalez.

See I have to give the point to Mr. Norman here for two reasons..
# 1: It’s his damn property and he will do with it as he pleases. Yeah I understand that neighboring folks might not like it.. but *sigh* let’s be serious Spanish people, you know how some of you like to use your property to store 5 broken down cars? Well guess what? Your neighbors don’t like it. They don’t make huge fusses because its your fucking property and if you want it filled with filth then you’re the one that looks like a damn jack asshole.
# 2: Mr Norman is telling it like it is.. I’ve gone over this subject in an older post.
I’m very sorry but the truth of the matter is, you are trespassing, milking our system, paying no taxes, not learning the language.. Sadly, that makes you a criminal. Not so much the lack of english learnings but all the other things are what does it. And if an employer hires someone like that then, they too are criminals because the employer is also not paying taxes on that employee (who is getting paid under the table) & therefore taking money away from our gov’t who uses those tax dollars (hopefully) on our education system (which if you don’t know is in SERIOUS trouble).

The reason for this blog is this quote..

According to Gonzalez, in the Hispanic community the word is equivalent to the “n-word.”

And my argument is that being called a wetback is not the same as someone calling me a nigger.
Reason is, the label wetback is given to someone doing something illegal, i.e. trespassing into a fucking country uninvited (which is something people do by choice). Yeah I understand it sucks balls in your country and you’re trying to better the life of your family but that doesn’t give you the right to skip the line & all obligations/rules of the place you’re swimming to.
I, along with other black people, got the label nigger because of our skin color (which believe it or not isn’t by choice).

So.. yeah Senior Gonzalez, your point is so invalid, it makes you look & sound like a fucking moron.
Do shit the way the law says & guess what you won’t be offended by that sign. & if you are, then it’s one of 2 reasons…

# 1: you are one of those wetback criminals Mr. Norman speaks of..
# 2: You are not a wetback but of spanish descent & exploiting your fellow Spanishians to make a quick buck.

Either way, shame the fuck on you Senior Gonzalez, why don’t you use your voice to educate your people so they aren’t viewed as criminals?
Just a fucking thought!

Article can be found here.

IDK what a snooki is…

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..but it probably smells like shame & asshole.

…Rutgers University ’s programming association booked MTV star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to appear at the Livingston Student Center in Piscataway, NJ for two question and answer sessions.

The price tag was a whopping $32,000, $2,000 more than the university paid for Nobel-prize winning author Toni Morrison.

OMFG I can think of two things worst than what this “university” did.
Number One: Having someone rub their shitty asshole on your face.
Number Two: Having someone punch you in the face as they wipe their shitty asshole.. also on your face..

My fave reaction from a student is this…

“My tuition dollars wasted on Snooki. Rutgers probably could have paid her with a case of beer,” another student wrote.

It’s fucking funny because it’s fucking sooo true… But an 18 pack. No one would stoop that low for a sixer.. (I wouldn’t..)

The saddest part of the article…

…both sessions…. sold out before the March 31 event opened its doors.

Students lined up all afternoon to secure wristbands for attendance. The $32,000 also covered Ace’s appearance as well.

Snooki offered advice to students in the session, telling them “study hard, but party harder.”

The weird thing about all this is that these people are the future of this country.. I better brush up on my Chinese cause I’m gonna need to know the words for “oh no China, don’t worry, you won’t be getting any lip from me.. Oh you want me to suck your balls? alright, drop trou…”
Yeah what are the Chinese words for that???
Okay, I know China’s never gonna take over this country. I know our Army would kick their ass in the blink of an eye.
But my point is that seriously, I thought college students were supposed to be smart, educated and not into getting shit rubbed in their faces???

I weep for this country. I lov..err like this country a lot cause I mean where else is porn so easily accessible? Well I guess Canada has naked hot chicks on their news but besides them? (Oh what, you don’t believe me motherfucker… click naked news & find out ALL about it) :þ

Sigh, I’m just really sad by this. Cause I honestly don’t know what a Snooki is but I’m pretty sure its vagina smells like ass, shame & a whole of lot weirdness. And I haven’t done the research but I’m willing to bet a whole paycheck that IT didn’t go to college. Well no, it probably went to a college to pee or pick up a “friend” that took that class that one time……

FUCKING SIIIGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Article here

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that is the cutest, funniest most awesomest thing ever. I smiled so wide the whole time that my freaking face is gonna be stuck like this for hours.. a million thumbs up 😀