..but it probably smells like shame & asshole.

…Rutgers University ’s programming association booked MTV star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to appear at the Livingston Student Center in Piscataway, NJ for two question and answer sessions.

The price tag was a whopping $32,000, $2,000 more than the university paid for Nobel-prize winning author Toni Morrison.

OMFG I can think of two things worst than what this “university” did.
Number One: Having someone rub their shitty asshole on your face.
Number Two: Having someone punch you in the face as they wipe their shitty asshole.. also on your face..

My fave reaction from a student is this…

“My tuition dollars wasted on Snooki. Rutgers probably could have paid her with a case of beer,” another student wrote.

It’s fucking funny because it’s fucking sooo true… But an 18 pack. No one would stoop that low for a sixer.. (I wouldn’t..)

The saddest part of the article…

…both sessions…. sold out before the March 31 event opened its doors.

Students lined up all afternoon to secure wristbands for attendance. The $32,000 also covered Ace’s appearance as well.

Snooki offered advice to students in the session, telling them “study hard, but party harder.”

The weird thing about all this is that these people are the future of this country.. I better brush up on my Chinese cause I’m gonna need to know the words for “oh no China, don’t worry, you won’t be getting any lip from me.. Oh you want me to suck your balls? alright, drop trou…”
Yeah what are the Chinese words for that???
Okay, I know China’s never gonna take over this country. I know our Army would kick their ass in the blink of an eye.
But my point is that seriously, I thought college students were supposed to be smart, educated and not into getting shit rubbed in their faces???

I weep for this country. I lov..err like this country a lot cause I mean where else is porn so easily accessible? Well I guess Canada has naked hot chicks on their news but besides them? (Oh what, you don’t believe me motherfucker… click naked news & find out ALL about it) :þ

Sigh, I’m just really sad by this. Cause I honestly don’t know what a Snooki is but I’m pretty sure its vagina smells like ass, shame & a whole of lot weirdness. And I haven’t done the research but I’m willing to bet a whole paycheck that IT didn’t go to college. Well no, it probably went to a college to pee or pick up a “friend” that took that class that one time……

FUCKING SIIIGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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