Weird totally stupid yahoo story headline…..

Cops: Boy robbed stricken Pittsburgh Pirates usher

If you’re anything like me (aka not totally fucking dumb) you’re probably thinking, oh this “boy” must be somewhere between age 4-9 maybe 11 but oh no…

PITTSBURGH – Police have arrested a 17-year-old boy accused of robbing an usher who worked at the baseball stadium where the Pittsburgh Pirates play after he stopped his car while having a heart attack on his way home from an extra-inning game.

Police aren’t identifying the suspect because of his age. They said Tuesday he approached the car and pulled out 58-year-old driver Michael Schacht, who had been slumped over and in distress. They say he stole the man’s wallet and drove off in his car, leaving him on the ground.

Police were puzzled by the man’s death because he had only a superficial head injury when he was found April 10 a mile from PNC Park.

The suspect doesn’t qualify to be charged as an adult. He’s being taken to a juvenile detention facility.

I hate quoting whole stories on blogs or wherever b/c it’s more appreciated that the “writer” just post a damn link & if necessary they can quote a line or two in the story. But with this piece of gem, I really had no idea where to start & end quoting other than starting at line 1 finishing at line end… (don’t care at all to count.. 🙂 )

But holy piss on balls, what a fucking winner this stone cold moron is ehh??
And let me just say how I LOVE this country’s weird wacky ways of doing things.
Why oh why is this stupid piece of diarrhea shit not in “federal pound me in the ass prison?”
Why oh why is this piece of soft turd not fucking getting his ass fucked by anyone within a 1 inch radius??..
To be honest, I don’t know how this describe how I feel with this one. I’m so shocked and freaked out by this story that it actually makes me want to vomit.
And I watched glass ass with a confused smile & 2 girls 1 cup with a grossed out smile… So yeah.

I don’t know this fucking little bitch of a human being’s name and boy oh boy am I glad to have no association with this waste of a turd… YAY me & the non killer/stupid/dumb/moronic/needstogetasspoundedbybigblackguy friends of mine..: )

Original story is here.

I just thought of this.. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope this fucking little “boy” cunt of a human being isn’t of negro decent…
I mean I’m sorry every other race but seriously we get enough weirdness from the blacks. And I just think that blacks as a whole, don’t need that kind of fucked up negative publicity is all… =)byes