There’s been a lot of talk about the TSA in the past few fucking years. Well, pretty since 9/11/01 but can we REALLY be that mad at them? Or better, why have we not gotten with the program by now? They have a WHOLE website telling you what to do, bring, not do and bring… Why have we not realized that the TSA didn’t come up with this new procedure on their own, remember the government? Well they tell departments like the TSA what the fuck to do..
Sure the fucking asshole cum drinkers who hijacked those planes had set no alarms, done nothing out of the ordinary (besides the durka durka turban on their head). But I’m sure that morning, they seemed like any other weary traveler.
Maybe had people been paying attention to them, they may have noticed signs of nervousness of some sorts. But let’s be serious, pre- 9/11/01, had you noticed anyone acting nervous before a flight, you’d probably laugh at them to yourself thinking they’d never flown before.
I mean someone might have joked in their head that this nervous sweaty dick about to board their plane better not blow it up but he wouldn’t have thought hard of it because as a non sociopath, it would be hard for anyone before that day to think someone would be so fucking callous and goddamn mean.

We know now that people are goddamn fucked up and shitty like that. So we’re more careful.
At the airport, if you notice a bag sitting in a corner for 15+ minutes, you’re going to goddamn tell someone.
If you noticed a person of muslim, but really any decent, acting nervous, mumbling to him or her self or moving around a lot, post 9/11/01, you’re going to notify someone. You may not truly think they’re a terrorist but you’re out of your fucking mind if you don’t find someone to have a talk with this person.

So on with those TSA feeling up & down on all sorts of people.

The TSA is in the news again, unfavorably, after conducting a pat-down search of an 8-month-old infant. The baby stroller set off an alarm, not surprisingly given that strollers contain significant metal. But rather than limit its exploration to the offending stroller, the TSA contends it was “required” to conduct a pat-down search of the infant.

I’m sorry but I watch World’s Dumbest A LOT. (thurday nights on TruTv lol) Sadly, I’ve seen numerous video footage of grown adult parents hiding contraband on their kids. Whether it was a month old or 10 years, people have and always will, sadly, take advantage of innocent children. For the simple fact that they are indeed very very innocent to the naked eye (gross) and assume people won’t suspect a child of hiding cocaine or meth in their fucking diapers.
For years they have gotten away with this but with the invention of video, we are forced to live life otherwise and realize that babies don’t smoke crack but their shitty “parents” might and will go to serious measures to protect themselves even if it means denying its their crack. “So it must be the baby’s then?” the officer would ask finally.
And this “adult” will undeniably nod their heads and shrug their shoulders at the same time.

More TitS and Ass news 🙂

TSA made headlines last month after patting down a 6-year-old girl.

Wouldn’t you LOVE being that employee on duty that day when a 6 year old little girl set off an alarm. And you say to the people around, “oh no it’s okay, she doesn’t need to get pat down, look at her how cute she is.. she must like 5.. what 6 years old? what can she be hiding & where?”
Unbeknownst to this employee that this cute six year old’s “parents” are total extremist and conspicuously hid a bomb in her backpack. Better yet, its not even their kid. They adopted it 3 weeks ago for the sole purpose of this incident. You know they’re the usual fuck ups, they want to commit suicide by way of sending a “message” like the asshole who flew that plane in the IRS building a while back with numerous IRS hating 9 to fivers just wanting to make a buck to feed their babies.
It’s a shitty thing to write, especially when it involves a kid but you fucking tell me that those black assholes in Africa and sand niggers in Iraq aren’t exploiting kids younger than that to commit their heinous crimes? You fucking tell me that in a way to convince me and I’ll fucking ship you to the sand dunes.

* Traveler Cathy Bossi was ordered to remove her prosthetic breast and display it for inspection;

* Marlene McCarthy experienced manipulation of her prosthetic breast in public view;

* Retired teacher Thomas D. Sawyer’s urostomy bag was squeezed, soaking him in urine, and;

* ABC producer Carolyn Durand endured a TSA hand inside her underpants, feeling around.

While I am sitting here defending the TSA, I will admit that there are things they do that make no sense.
Example: getting piss on a dude. That’s mean. As for the chick that got hands inside her underpants.. that’s a bit much, I mean whattfuck were they looking for??

As for me, I’ve had my experience with a TSA rub down. The chick was fairly hot, took me to my own private sex box..errr.. that’s not what they called it. But she explained to me what she was going to do and not do. There was another chick there that was kinda hot too. And the hot red head felt my boobies, my butt a couple times, she rubbed the back of her hand on my vagina which was a bit much but it didn’t quiver with any complaints. Then we were done. My jeans had rhinestones on the back pockets (yeah im a genius uh) body scan and metal studs= professional rub down by hot red head.
I’m okay with that.

All in all, no one should be safe from being checked because at the end of the goddamn day, like it or hate it to the point of tears but anyone can hurt us. It’s hard to believe but if you raise someone to be evil or if someone’s weak enough to fall into evil, we can run all day from them but their crazy asses will always be just a few steps behind.
Now if we can gather those people and ship them off to the ocean, then yay for the fish food and yay for us 😀

I’m totally so WHEWW

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