Shakespeare + weed = best news EVER

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If this story proves to be true, then all I have to say is WOOO the fuck OOOOOOO LOL


Even God can’t tell us all apart D:

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I have this co-worker who is 70 years old and I swear I don’t kid when I say that this man has a personal vendetta against the world.
He treats everyone like shit. Everyone except his “work husband” that is. I work for a union and they have elections and voting and shits. Fucking lame and weird because i HATE politicians with such a passion but of course, it would make sense that I work with them and have like 14 bosses. One of those bosses, like boss # 2 is this co worker’s bff or “work husband” to quote this Dick.
And so he uses that relationship to walk on thin air and feel like he is above everyone.

The point of this niggling rant is that I dreamed last night that he died. (He made this week a living hell for me.) He fucking bellowed at me and I got in trouble for it. And was told that because he is butt buddy with boss # 2, I had no choice but to take his abuse.. Which makes no sense.
But um he didn’t die ( of fucking course) who did though?
This guy…

Peter Falk. Now I don’t know who that is nor do I care.. The point is that this dude looks EXACTLY like this evil devil man I dreamed about that died..

Coincidence? I’m not sure but I did buy a lotto ticket today, so fingers motherfucking crossed.

P.S. I have never wanted bad things to happen to people (except child fuckers & rapists) but this person might be the only person on earth that if they dropped the fuck dead tomorrow the number of people celebrating than crying would probably ratio out to be 1 for every 250 (thats probably how many people he knows) so yeah.. And if that’s not serious, I don’t know what the fuck is.

P.S.S. RIP Peter Falk.. (I’m about 90% sure God made a mistake so sorry YOU had to go instead of the actual meanie poo head 😦 )
It does make me happy that according to CNN,

Falk died peacefully at his Beverly Hills home Thursday evening, according to a statement released by his friend, attorney Larry Larson.

These Anthonys are all a Bunch a Lying Turd Shit Cunts


I got a few beefs with Casey Anthony’s defense.. The biggest one is that they somehow seem to think that me and I guess anyone following this case is a moron. I mean I didn’t finish college or anything but I do know how to count, cross my T’s and dot my fucking I’s… I also know how to retain information, hence why reading is easy for me because I can go back a few days later and remember what I had read in the previous chapters… (idk if that’s an ability we all possess, but I know I have it.) So does my mom, boyfriend and anyone else that likes to read books, which is a lot of people, wouldn’t you say?
They claim that this poor girl died due to her own dumb 2 year old self doing something stupid.. (i.e. drowned in a pool when she knew she couldn’t swim). (I’m not calling the baby dumb just that she might have done something dumb that caused her death. I have nothing but love and sympathy for this baby, ok?)
Anyways, claims of your baby drowning is totally fine. That kind of shit happens ALL the time sadly.
But let me say this, I haven’t a child, but say I did, came home or walked to the backyard and found him/her face down in a pool. I don’t care if they were as stiff an early morning boner, I’d call an ambulance in the hopes that they could revive them. And I would give them a proper burial in a cemetery with a headstone that I would pay to have their fave cartoon characters etched on it and not just dump them in the woods for wild animals to fucking feed on.
But say this did happen. And this poor adorably cute little girl died cause no one was paying the right amount of attention to her.
My question is why are they saying this now???
I remember when this first broke out and Casey told everyone (i.e. the news) that some crazy bitch named Zenaida Gonzalez took her away from her… (looking back, I wish someone had done that cause Caylee would be alive and happy with people who actually care about her).

Casey Anthony, the Florida woman accused of murdering her daughter, has told friends, family, and the police that two-year-old Caylee was with her nanny named Zanny, short for Zenaida Gonzalez, and that it was Zanny who kidnapped Caylee Anthony.

read the rest here

We all know now that this isn’t true because they’re now claiming she drowned..
Sooooo why the lie? Why tell people that someone took your baby, knowing that it’s not true…

But then Casey’s cunt of a mother, is also claiming that the baby drowned.. Well whore, explain the 911 calls where you mentioned that it smelled like death in your evil cunt of a daughter’s car and had no idea why?? The 911 calls where you mentioned you hadn’t seen your grand baby for a month? Were those just a ruse to be on tv or something? If so just flash your old ugly cunt to anyone willing to look at it like that Paris Hilton whore..

911 transcripts (brought to you by another WordPress blog :D).

Cindy, or Cunt of Mother, had gone on Larry King Live back in July 2008 and said this

Cindy Anthony: My thoughts are a lot clearer now than they were that night that I made three 911 calls. I’m very confident that Casey will be exonerated of all charges once we find Caylee, so that’s why our focus is on trying to find our granddaughter.

that story is here.


(I swear if this bitch gets away with this, I will fucking kill her myself the same way she killed Caylee minus the chloroform because I want her to suffer to her last breath. You know what, better idea I’ll just fucking water board that cunt faced bitch for a week and yes, I do have enough vacation time, I can totally take a week off work. So that part is covered yay)

Honk if you believe in Justice for sweet baby faced Caylee..

RIP Caylee!!

That picture makes my heart hurt D: (I’m almost glad she died because growing with that fucking family would have brought nothing but mental harm to that little girl. I’m sorry for saying that but if you think about it for a quick sec you’ll know that I’m right) 😦

OMG little girls are NOT hot, okay Kia.. sheesh!!!

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Woah Kia.. WOAH. I’m all for hot chick on teacher sex but only in a porno when the chick only looks jailbait and really isn’t..
But yes Kia, I do agree that once they turn 18.. RAWRRRR
Unless you live in Nevada, Montana, Georgia among other states where you only have to wait till they turn 16.. Don’t believe me? Look here.
Oh yeah, I look shit up sometimes..

Original story here

fry that dumb bitch, ya hear me?


I have a theory about Casey Anthony…
She was like 22 when she had her baby.. 21? i don’t care she was tooooo young and dumb for a baby, that much I know.
I think she knew someone that got pregnant, received a lot of attention from friends who bought them gifts, threw pregnant parties and Casey Anthony, or as I like to call her, Bitch Face, thought ‘omg, like look how much attention I could get if only like I was pregnant, DARN, I’m totally too old to go like on one of those MTV shows, OMG maybe I can get pregnant and all my friends will like be paying all their attention like to me.”
So she got pregnant, like I did on the Sims, by some random guy. (Sims is NOT real life btw).
She’s pregnant and she was right, all her friends swooned over her. And she was all attention whore happy.
Then she gave birth, worked out, got hot “again” and she calls her friends on a Sat night to go out clubbing.
And friend says, “oh yeah Casey, I would totally go clubbing with you but don’t you like have like a baby to like take care of?”
And now comes the realization that Casey made…
“oh yah, i totally have to like to take care of this thing…. like shit”

2 years later, her mom says to her “Casey, I totally don’t want to raise your kid for you”
Casey: But mom, like I wanna go clubbin..”
Mom: Yah but like Casey, you have a kid to like take care of
Casey: wow mom you are like totally useless, i hate you and this kid maybe..
Casey: *to herself* OMG, if I give her like, kloroform, which I totally can’t like spell, she’ll like totally go to sleep and I can go out clubbin… omg, if i put like duct tape on her like mouth and nose and like tell people that like some spanish bitch took her away, I can like go clubbin like all the time

Dead baby. Free time to clubbin..


Its only a theory but somehow, I feel I might be close to the truth about that much of the story. I’d quote and post links to prove these statements but that Bitch Face cunt isn’t worth the time it all would take.

Also, is it true that when she was a young kid, she duct taped her pet gerbil’s mouth and placed a heart shaped sticker on it. Heard that tid bit on TruTV’s In Session from a caller, i do wonder if that’s true?

Horrible rap song reference

Cuteness overload

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I’m grateful to have people in my life that care to make me smile by sending me awesomely cute pics 😀

Posted from my THC Evo Android phone 😀

for .25 cents an hr i will suck your balls….. probably not tho D:

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Every summer, I’m forced to work with a bunch of the employees kids. It wouldn’t be so bad if these kids weren’t so stuck up, rude and felt entitled to special treatments.
They complain that the work is boring.
They complain when they are told to get to their seats and do some work.
They complain about anything, from not being able to socialize with each other to being “bossed around” by none other than their BOSS.
The other day, they were all standing around talking to each other, their boss, also my boss, walked to them, all the while clapping his hands to get their attention and told them to get to work.
They then complained, along with their mother “who the hell does *boss’s name* think he is treating them like that?”
Well, he is their fucking boss and had they been doing what they were supposed to, he would have never approached them in that manner.

The reason for this niggling is this.. (Oh did I mention, they get paid ELEVEN dollars an hour to do simple tasks, like filing papers, doing excel spreadsheets.. etc..)

Some Americans are willing to work for much less than people from other countries

How much less?

No one in Italy, the Netherlands, or Egypt would accept less than $5 for an hour of work. In Germany it was $3, in Australia and Britain $2, and in Canada $1.25. Americans accepted by far the lowest figure: just 25 cents.

TWENTY FIVE fucking cents? Oh how those poor people would love to find out where I work, kill those kids and apply for that job?

Still, it serves as a useful reminder: the minimum wage in the U.S. is $7.25 per hour, and some argue it should be higher. But the reality is that, especially given the current downturn, many Americans will work for a whole lot less–and sometimes do.

This article made me so sad, that I want to go into work tomorrow and punch them in the mouth. I can too, cause 3 of them are over 18.. so yeah.

Though, I’ve learned not to blame them. Instead, I blame their parents. Because I was the first person to start the summer internship program at this company. Been working there since I was 15 (24 now), they hired me full time once I graduated High School and NEVER once, did anyone have to ask me to do my job, stop talking, or just plain plant my ass where it needed to be.
The reason for that are my parents. I am forever grateful to them for teaching me to listen to my elders. To do what I was told when in a situation to be told what to do.
Most importantly, I am grateful that my mom didn’t raise me to think I was “the shit”, but instead she instilled in me that I could be “the shit of all shits” if I worked hard for it.
Granted I didn’t but that’s because i don’t want to be “the shit.”
I just want to to go to work everyday, do as I should, get paid my money and go home drama free.

But these kids, they don’t give a shit. They think they’re doing this company a favor.
I keep begging them to go to the local high school and ask the principal to pick out the kids that really need the work and experience but these assholes insist on helping kids that need the help (none of them have rich parents or else they wouldn’t be working there) but they (the kids) insists that they can do better. Even though, no matter what job they have, they still complain about it….

Sadly, most of them can’t spell at an 8th grade level.. (trust me, I wish I was joking). So why company I work for, why are you helping people that doesn’t want your help?
I say we give that $ 11 an hour job to someone who will be grateful for it and appreciate it. Is that so hard to grasp?????
But one thing I noticed, no one listens to me until its too late. Then, they pull me in the office and say “wow niggler person, I wish we had listened to you before the shit hit the fan and took cover like you did.”
Then I say, “well, that’s my mama” LOL (that is a very lame Peter Griffin joke:)

6-21-11 8:24 AM Edit: I forgot to mention a little niggle last night. First, its not ALL the kids that act like assholes. Second, the most important words to describe them is that some of them have NO work ethics.
My question? Is it society or the parent’s responsibility to teach these kids work ethics? I’m leaning towards the latter but I’ve been wrong many a times….

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