Prosecutors say they won’t charge a Tampa Bay-area high school teacher who punched a student in an incident caught on another student’s cell phone video camera.

First of all, not even knowing what happened, I already know I’m rooting for the teacher..
Now I’m going to be a dick and judge a book by its cover.. This is what the teacher looks like

Now does this chick look like the kind of person who would attack a psycho high school student if they didn’t deserve it?
No. The fucking answer is NO.

Prosecutor Brian Trehy said students who witnessed the incident said the teen made contact first and the teacher was responding to that. Hadsock landed at least one punch on the student’s face.

Personally, I would have LOVED this story more if this punk ass ignoranus got punched by the teacher, fought back and the teacher violently kick his ass. Now I’m not saying she go Rodney King on his ass but close enough that he learns that sometimes its best to stick your own foot in your mouth…

The 22-year veteran teacher said she hopes she’ll be allowed to return to the classroom, but it’s still unclear if that will happen.

Hell yeah she needs to go back. Someone needs to put these cunty children in their place.

Oh, I know this was high school but I said “children” because any teen who bad mouths an adult and acts like a little bitch should either be called a retard or a child.
Also not to say that all children are retards but they don’t know stuff so close enough….