I have this co-worker who is 70 years old and I swear I don’t kid when I say that this man has a personal vendetta against the world.
He treats everyone like shit. Everyone except his “work husband” that is. I work for a union and they have elections and voting and shits. Fucking lame and weird because i HATE politicians with such a passion but of course, it would make sense that I work with them and have like 14 bosses. One of those bosses, like boss # 2 is this co worker’s bff or “work husband” to quote this Dick.
And so he uses that relationship to walk on thin air and feel like he is above everyone.

The point of this niggling rant is that I dreamed last night that he died. (He made this week a living hell for me.) He fucking bellowed at me and I got in trouble for it. And was told that because he is butt buddy with boss # 2, I had no choice but to take his abuse.. Which makes no sense.
But um he didn’t die ( of fucking course) who did though?
This guy…

Peter Falk. Now I don’t know who that is nor do I care.. The point is that this dude looks EXACTLY like this evil devil man I dreamed about that died..

Coincidence? I’m not sure but I did buy a lotto ticket today, so fingers motherfucking crossed.

P.S. I have never wanted bad things to happen to people (except child fuckers & rapists) but this person might be the only person on earth that if they dropped the fuck dead tomorrow the number of people celebrating than crying would probably ratio out to be 1 for every 250 (thats probably how many people he knows) so yeah.. And if that’s not serious, I don’t know what the fuck is.

P.S.S. RIP Peter Falk.. (I’m about 90% sure God made a mistake so sorry YOU had to go instead of the actual meanie poo head 😦 )
It does make me happy that according to CNN,

Falk died peacefully at his Beverly Hills home Thursday evening, according to a statement released by his friend, attorney Larry Larson.