Satan walks among us again..
I haven’t posted anything since before the verdict was read because in all honesty, I was a bit embarrassed by it because we allowed a child killer to go free. Also, I cried like a fucking baby.. If that’s something you even need to know.
So I put off writing about it because it still makes me very upset, I’m still just as shocked. I still see pictures of that little girl and feel just as sad. I still feel everything I felt before except now I feel disappointed too because Caylee got no justice that day. Not a word of sympathy was uttered on her behalf by the defense or her MOTHER after the verdict and pathetic excuse for a sentence hearing.
But she’s out now. No one outside of who needs to know are aware of where she is. Quite frankly, I don’t give a fuck. I’m a firm believer in Karma. You reap what you sow. Casey Anthony dumped her 2-year-old daughter’s body as though it were trash. No, worst because you throw actual trash in a protective bin for someone to pick up and lay in a designated area.
Caylee was dumped by her MOTHER in a trash filled dump to rot in the Florida weather. Her little body rotted in ways nothing should. She didn’t have a proper burial. She didn’t get a proper farewell.
She received no true love or remorse from her mother and killer.

Cindy Anthony, last I heard wasn’t getting charged for perjury. I would like to know why. Because as an American Citizen, how am I suppose to look to the justice system for help knowing people can just take the stand, lie to help someone get away with murder, get caught for lying and not even get a slap on the wrists?

At the end of every day, every rant and sad thought. The truth remains that Little Caylee received NO justice. Her killer and mother walked away scotch free and just the thought of her probably being fucked up already and sucking off Jose Baez makes my stomach turn. The saddest thing is that she isn’t the only one. Thousands of child killers roam free among us. Among our children and loved ones.
We’ll never know who they are until they are exposed. More and more of them are being identified day by day. If you are wondering why, it’s because they don’t fear their punishment I mean take a gander at their leader, Casey Anthony, she’s the perfect poster child. She killed her own child and walked away from a mountain of evidence.
WE NEED STIFFER PUNISHMENT FOR CHILD KILLERS, RAPISTS, MURDERERS & THIEVES. If they feared their punishment for ruining someone’s life, guess what? A lot of them wouldn’t risk it..

Way to go America, you let down another innocent child.

Oh also, I am one of those people who WILL boycott Casey Anthony and anyone that pays her money for the murder she committed and the lies she told to her away with it. So fuck yah!!!