Every so often, you read something that makes your heart hurt and sends your brain into utter confusion..

A Staten Island boy,… begged a Staten Island judge on Friday to go easy on his father. “He made a big mistake, but really somewhere in his heart, he is funny, lovable, caring, and a great father,” Chris Moss, 11, said of his father, James……

Yeah, I know. What a fucking awesome piece of dad this fella is, uh?
But no. He isn’t..
Here is what James, “awesome daddy” did….

Moss beat the boy with a spatula, put his hands over two hot oven burners until the skin peeled, punched him in the face and then shoved him into an oven for several minutes.
“I’m going to burn you alive,” Moss reportedly yelled..

According to his wife, the “mother,” who had to take her son to the hospital hours later when she got home because James “Awesome daddy” refused.. Apparently, James is/was indeed an “awesome daddy” and a total “softie” and that on May 12, 2010, he “snapped and lost it.”

Yeah crazy lady with a crazy family that makes perfect nonsense..

His punishment?
Oh you are going to LOVE this…. before I tell you though, you should know that this was in the article..

Moss (James) pleaded guilty to all seven counts of the indictment against him, including two counts of second-degree assault, which carried a possible seven-year sentence.

Seven years? Really? That’s fucking it?? But who cares, he admitted to it all so he’s definitely going away for a long time right??

Moss was sentenced to four months of weekends in prison at Rikers Island. The 53-year-old will also be put on probation for five years, must live away from his son for one year and take anger management classes.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.. I mean I know people who’s gotten in more trouble over a joint. Or for going 41 in a 35 mph zone..
If my calculations are correct.. And they probably aren’t.. That’s about 34-ish days.. That’s totally super fair.

I can niggle about this till I choke on my tongue.. But I’m not going to.
All I have to say is I’m not surprised. This country has become a fucking joke and I would only be a little shocked if I learned that some far away planet out there was gathering around their tvs watching us for entertainment debating what crazy shit was going to happen next..

BTW, if you are wondering, he did not turn on the oven.. So yeah.

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