I haven’t made any mention of this..
Sadly, I’ve barely had time to think of it today… Mainly because I left my phone home. But today would have been Caylee Anthony’s 6th birthday.
I had it in my calendar.
Saved on my phone..

But I wanted to acknowledge that I remembered that today is a special day.
Caylee’s life still hasn’t come to an end. At least not for me cause her killer walks among us, free and living a life that some only dream of.
Its usually the mother’s dream and wish to see justice for their baby.
In this case, there isn’t a mother to do that. She’s around but she’s too busy dropping it like its hot at the newest club in town to care about her dead daughter.

I know of a lot of people willing to accept that responsibility. That’s why I can sleep at night knowing I’m not the only one wanting justice for her and I don’t have to carry all the weight solely on my shoulders.

I wish I knew a magic formula to bring justice for this little girl without a voice.
I wish I knew how to stop feeling really bad over it.

All I know is that her killer is out there in the spotlight.
I know there’s a lot of us standing still and proud behind Caylee.
And I know that if her mom wasn’t a lying, murderous cunt, she would have been found and right now laughing and smiling ear to ear opening mountains of gifts from strangers she’d never meet who are just so glad she’s home and well.
But she isn’t.
She’s dead.
I’m okay with death. I swear that I am.
I’m not okay with what happened to Caylee Anthony.

Not one goddamn fucking tiny bit.


RIP Caylee..
Shitty as it feels to admit it, baby, you are better off than to grow up with a mother like that.

Happy birthday to you Caylee and everyone else having a birthday today. **forced smile :)*

and a really special thanks to the people who actually care about this.