Most of us know about basic life things.
For example we know its wise to invest in insurance. Whether it be medical insurance, if you get ill.
Auto insurance in case of an accident.
Life insurance so that your loved ones won’t have to live under a bridge when you unfortunately die.
But strangely enough, it seems that if my awesome bun hole gets ravaged unexpectedly, someone’s got that covered…
Other things you can get covered??

-For the out of this world nut job, they have this…

Alien abductions or UFO insurance

Many insurers offer policies to protect against abduction by aliens, with extra coverage to protect against impregnation by those same aliens…….. Several companies still offer the coverage for a one-time premium ranging from $9.99 to $19.95.

If Aliens ever abducted me, I’d be all like, “YEEESSSSSSS!!!!”

-For the whores who won’t to admit to their whore-isms.. You’ve got..

Immaculate conception insurance

Another English insurance company sold insurance to protect women in the event of a virgin birth, or an “immaculate conception.” The policy would cover the cost of raising a child born in this manner. The insurance company collected premiums for six years but canceled the policy after complaints from the public and church authorities.

Everything about this is just WOW in so many ways..

This last one isn’t weird or anything just shocking..

Wedding Coverage

Weddings cost a lot of money. The average wedding in the US costs around $23,000 and that’s without a honeymoon…will also cover you if the wedding is cancelled because someone gets cold feet or someone makes a run for it

I don’t want to be an asshole but I think, if we spend 23 grand on an event and you fucking bail, that should be grounds for that party to get curb stomped American History X style.
I’m not bitter, lonely and/or an advocate for being against marriage but holy shithole!
If you have to take such a loan for a wedding, combined with the loans you both already have, isn’t that wasting necessary funds?
Then you bring a kid in the world. Isn’t that less money to buy things, food, diapers, formula, some weed maybe.
Therefore, won’t there be fights ALL the time?


Anyways, I didn’t make these up or anything.. I found some here