Go ahead motherfucker, I fucking dare you….

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To show me another goddamn commercial that made you smile this much…

I swear EVERY TIME I watch this commercial, i melt inside like a delicious chocholate ice cream cake from Dairy Queen 😀

P.S. Another thing about this commercial is that I effin LOVE BUBBLESS!!!Just the thought of them gets me excited enough to cream mein pants.. And I raised two kittens into adulthood so its safe to say that I love kittens 😀


Horses have NEVER been funnier. I mean EVER!!!

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I had to do a double look and had to say, “what the fuck!” My boyfriend did the same when he looked at it.
Any other time, I would feel REALLY sorry for the horse because they weigh a lot and OUCH. But this shit made me laugh, giggle and snort in that exact order and I just can’t help it..

I love it 🙂