Since I usually post about bad news, I thought I’d take a quick second to give someone some very well deserved praise for a chance..

A two-year-old Chinese girl left unattended fell 10 stories from her family’s apartment window and survived after being caught by a woman passing by,…. Neighbors saw Niu Niu dangling from the apartment window for several minutes, Xinhua said, and when the girl fell, Wu Juping “kicked off her high-heeled shoes” and ran to catch the child…. “It was so urgent. I saw her when she was about to fall and rushed there, and after tens of seconds she fell off,” CCTV quoted Wu as saying.

The poor woman broke her arm in the process and the little girl suffered from internal bleeding and other injuries but let’s be serious, this little girl would have died had it not been for Wu. And I almost cried when I read this considering the fact there are stupid evil assholes out there who would have just stood there and watched her fall..
I wish this woman lived near me cause I’d make the effort to knock on her door, hug, thank and praise her for having a heart of gold.

GO WU!!!!! 😀

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